Simone’s Sheroes is a non profit supporting girls who love comics, superheroes and becoming the best version of themselves. 


If you are like me, you love: Minecraft, Superheroes, Comicbooks, Roblox, dancing the floss, baking cookies and playing tag. 

Simone’s Sheroes is a non profit admired for our courage and commitment to change the world through our actions while standing for justice. We are a NONBULLYING club. That means we embrace people that are accepting of one another and leave judgement on the other side of the door.

 We also love to support local and national organizations that advocate for assisting the homeless, and anyone less fortunate.


Who are we?

Simone’s Sheroes is primarily a nonprofit club that addresses social and community issues encountered by girl’s ages 6-14 yrs. of age. Our mission is that each girl learns to embrace their uniqueness in a society that tends to refer to labelling and conforming practices.  All our activities and engagements of participation are centered on helping these girls to find the key principles to standing in one’s own identity.   In addition to this each is empowered to combat social injustices that deter promoting self-awareness and self-acceptance.  We navigate primarily to help these girls become more empowered and we encourage them to express through change and action those issues that matter the most to them.  We provide role model and mentoring opportunities and activities that engage the girls in being effective leaders in their community.

In addition to building self-awareness, we rally behind philanthropy in helping anyone that is less fortunate.  Our past involvement has circled around the school bullying programs, aiding those that are homeless, youth buddy programs in education,

At Simone Sheroes we engage in workshops of Arts and Crafts and discussion on monthly basis. We also oorganize events as either Sheroes specifically or with Sponsorship.   Our monthly meetings are led by our invited guests whenever possible. 

Our Mission/Vision

Our mission is simple…to fight crime.  Ok seriously, it is to provide an avenue for young girls to express their unique identity and to stand in the face of adversity.  Simone believes in a solid NO BULLYING world free from any judgment regardless of age, gender, religion or culture.

Locally grown today, our ultimate mission to span the U.S. with this universal message of Standing with the SHADOW of the cape proudly waving. (Yes, we like to paint the picture, do you get it?)

Simone Sheroes works with any persons or organization that shares in our common goal.  We specifically seek to build partnerships with organizations that teach children about being strong, confident and kind.


 October 12-13, 2019

@ the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center


Become a Volunteer Today!

      We are always looking for girls ages 6- 14 to join our group. We leave many of the topics up to the girls and we then engage volunteers and organizations to jump in and provide what they can! We have had everything from Comic Con characters, radio personalities, teachers, artists, and even an ADORABLE clown!  All of our volunteers bring a unique touch to the girls every month.  What is your SUPERPOWER?  If you would like to volunteer and need to know how and why contact us today!


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