Join Our Community!

Our young girls need our support.  It is up to the adults, yes that is US… to show them what it means to be…UNIQUE, POWERFUL, VULNERABLE, and BRAVE (yes, the two go hand in hand).   These years (age 6-14) are the years when they are continually evolving in thought and in heart. They are asking the questions as to why things are happening in their world, in their home, and in their minds.  We remember how rapid those thoughts ran through our mind, don’t we?   What do you feel like?  What did you want to know, talk about, experience?   Here is the opportunity to be a vehicle in sharing with our young girls today.   They are each sheroes and with that we owe them an anchor. Ask us today how!  We would love to have you!!! 

Let’ s look at the definition of a Shero, shall we?  A woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, her noble qualities; a heroine.

Every sponsor, volunteer or participant has an opportunity to allow our sheroes to shine.

Simone’s Sheroes participate in all types of events to which we are afforded the opportunity to combat social injustices that plague our children; bullying, human trafficking, domestic violence…etc.

We build our young girls with the armor needed as they already know what we may or may not, that they are sheroes within themselves.  They possess powers that eradicate atrocities facing them and they can overcome ANYTHING!   They can set their sights high and fly to the moon should they choose.  The universe belongs to them!

Our Sponsors, volunteers and participants teach our young girls about bravery, safety. using their own voice, standing strong when it is most important, using clear judgment and being independent in creating their own being.


We are always looking for ways to get involved in the community. Have a young girl that would like to join or an idea for an event we should attend? Let us know! We would love to hear from you!